Art Therapy for your soul: Drawing and Painting your way to personal development and self healing

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Personal Development and Self Healing Through Art


woman with green hat and long black hair holding a jar of paint and painting abstract on a wallwoman with green hat and long black hair holding a jar of paint and painting abstract on a wall

Are you ready to make Art that is good for your soul?Ready to work on Personal Development and Self Healing? Then you are at the right place!

Art Therapy is a very effective means of combining Art and Psychology to find yourself and work through personal issues.

Through the creative process you can learn to express your thoughts and feelings and therefore gain more self awareness. If you want to implement self care into your life and be creative, then this course is meant for you.

Art Therapy is for Everyone that has an interest in art.

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy making Art. If you think that you are not worthy of improving your life or that you don’t have the artistic talent for this course- please understand that everyone has the need and the right to express themselves!

I created an art therapy course for your soul called “Personal Development and Self Healing through Art”. It is a course targeted towards Beginners and  consists of 30 creative art therapeutic exercises that will help you implement self care and self reflection into your life.

By doing this practical Art Therapy exercises you will learn how to:

  • Set up your creative space before starting your creative process

  • Relax through different art therapy exercises

  • Release stress and let go of tension and anxiety

  • Explore and express your thoughts and feelings through art

  • Be more self reflective and work on your personal development

  • Use collages as alternative to drawing or painting if you are nervous and need more inspiration and more structure

  • Use abstract and spontaneous art exercises to relax and to liberate yourself

  • Use abstract techniques to help you unfold your unconscious and explore sensory experiences

  • Use mandala, self portraits, collages, abstract techniques, structured techniques, a vision board and more to help you with your personal development

In my Personal Development and Self Healing through Art ( Beginner ) course you will also learn about

  • The psychological effects and symbolism of colors

  • The different qualities of materials used in Art Therapy

  • The benefits of starting a creative art journal

  • The importance of the art product and the creative process

  • The use of art as therapy by famous artists

  • The connection between art and psychology

  • The beginning of Art Therapy as a profession

  • The importance of setting SMART goals for your personal development

  • The SWOT Analysis and how to investigate internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats to optimize your self growth.

…and much more!

Check out my Youtube Video here to see if you would enjoy my online Art Therapy Course ” Personal Development and Self Healing through Art

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