The Healing Powers of Art Therapy- why you should ignore your inner critic

Why you should ignore your inner critic

Art is a very powerful therapeutic tool that little of us know about. Why do we love making art when we are kids but then stop being creative when we get older? I wish we would all draw and paint more in our free time because Art has healing powers.

Do you draw a lot? Did you even know that healing powers of art truly exist?

When was the last time that you took a pen or colorful pencils to draw?
If you draw a lot, congratulations-keep doing this!

But if you somehow stopped drawing, painting and being creative when you got older, then maybe now is the time to bring back the child in you through ART.

How did you feel when you were drawing and painting as a kid?
Did it make you feel free or did you wonder what others were thinking of you?

Mostly children enjoy expressing themselves through Art and it’s later when they get older that they start overthinking and wondering what others might think of their art.

Our inner critic usually starts influencing us as we get older.
Over the years, my experience with Art Therapy in psychiatric hospitals has taught me that mostly adults needed longer to complete art therapy exercises than children.

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Say good- bye to your inner critic !

Generally speaking, the children spent less time to think about their actions, whereas adults took more time to plan their steps during their creative process.

If its your inner critic that is holding you back from being creative then say GOODBYE to it today.

I know it’s easier said than done. But try to see it as a process and start drawing or painting something that makes you feel good.

Starting with something that you enjoy, will help you to stay motivated.
And remember that you don’t need to be a Picasso- the end result is not that important , but the creative process should stand central.

We all have a voice that should be heard, each one of us has the natural desire to express themselves.

Making DIYs, drawing, making collages or mandalas, painting and working with clay- there are so many different ways how we can use therapeutic art for self healing and self-reflection.

The best time to start changing something is now !

Have a look here if you want some professional guidance in using art for personal development and self healing. You can also visit the beautiful page of if you want to read the latest about art and psychology.

Watch this Youtube Video below to learn more about the Healing Powers of Art Therapy

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