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I help you become your best self, unleash your creativity and live life to the fullest! It's also my passion to support you in starting your creative business.

Do you want to get creatively unblocked?

We motivate you to discover, create, experiment and discover who you really are. We guide you in using the Healing Powers of Art to find out your true passions.

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Hi, I’m Anike!

I am the creative soul behind Zebra Soul Art

Over the past few years, I have been on a journey of personal growth, creative expression and starting my own Online Business.

I am an Art Therapist and back in 2019 I created my first online course to inspire those who want to learn more about Art therapy and bring more creativity and joy into their daily lives.

Since then I have not only created multiple courses to help you explore your inner child and gain more self awareness, but also courses to support you in growing your own Creative Business.

Want to learn more about me and how Zebra Soul Art can help you?

Let's start expressing ourselves more. It's time to make a change.

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Art Therapy & Wellness Coaching

Creative Expression

Here you’ll find everything that involves expressing your true authentic self, implementing new creative practices into your life, creative ideas to shift your mindset and become more loving and compassionate towards yourself alltogether.

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Kunsttherapie & Wellness Coaching

Kreativer Ausdruck

Möchtest du lernen dich besser zu spüren, auszudrücken, mehr im Hier und Jetzt zu sein und deine Grenzen besser wahr zu nehmen? Lerne die Kraft des visuellen Ausdrucks kennen und wie du eine emotionale Verbindung und auf non- verbale Weise  Lösungen  für Probleme finden kannst. 

She is a livesaver!

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