Explaining Art Therapy on Youtube?! Yes, I started a Youtube Channel

art therapy online courseYes, YouTube. If you check Youtube you will find me there from now on, believe it or not.

Because Art is very visual and there are a lot of others sharing their work in progress with you guys, I decided  to start my own YouTube channel.

On my personal Youtube channel, I am basically planning to share my art work with you and also my online art courses so that you have an idea what they are all about.

I am still a beginner but if others can have a Youtube Channel then so can I right? So here it is, one of my first videos: just go and have a look.


Promo Video :Personal Development and Self Healing Through Art

So if you want to know how to combine work on self growth and personal development with ART, definitely check out my video. Here you can subscribe to my channel.

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