Online Art Courses that unleash the creativity in you !

My Courses will help you with the following:

create with water colors

Gain Self Awareness through various Art Exercises

My Online Art Courses will help you work on your goals from the comfort of your own home. Art Therapy is a very effective means of combining Art and Psychology to find yourself and work through personal issues. Through the creative process you can learn to express your thoughts and feelings and therefore gain more self awareness. If you want to implement self care into your life and be creative, then my courses can inspire and motivate you to get started.

Learn how to unleash your inner child again

Drawing and other visual arts can help your inner child express itself. I share various art exercises with you that help you to let go of your doubts and negative self talk. Art Therapy can help you work on your self esteem. Using Art can help you visualize  your inner critic. It can help you let loose, relax and de-stress and live more in the present moment.

No artistic talent needed !

If you follow one of my online art courses, you do not need to have artistic talent to succeed. The therapeutic process is not about the artistic value of your art work, but the focus lies on learning about yourself and others. Through my online art courses I want to share inspiring ideas with you that guide you in creating art to work on self healing, self reflection and living in the present moment.

Check out my best rated Art Therapy Course

Personal Development and Self Healing through Art

Enroll to my Online Art Course today and receive life time access to 4 hours of Art and Psychology related content, 30 Art Therapy exercises and more that will help you on your path to personal development and self healing. And follow my blog if you want to know what I am up to and which art courses I am working on. Get a huge discount here!

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