How to create Pinterest Pins for your Etsy products

How to create Pinterest Pins for your Etsy Products

You have an etsy store and need a simple and effective way to create high converting Pins ? Find out how to boost your Etsy store with some Pinterest Automation.

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Dreaming of an automated Pinterest Pin Maker to help you boost your Etsy Shop?

if you have been wondering how to boost the visibility of your Etsy products, then watch the tutorial below and learn how to use an automation tool to boost your Etsy sales through Pinterest

In the Youtube Tutorial above, the creator from PinGenerator shows you how to make hundreds of Pinterest Pins in seconds and how to sell more of your Etsy Products using Pinterest Automation.

But you can also have a look at my picture guide below to get a quick idea of the simple steps to take to create your Pinterest Automation Strategy.

Step 1: Simply Create a free Account with PinGenerator:


Step 2 is to copy and paste the URL of your Etsy shop into the URL space.



Step 3 is to choose the Number of Pins you want to  create and then click “Generate Pins”


Once you have clicked Generate Pins you will see several beautiful Pins arrive. 

Step 4 Edit The Colors, Keyword Rich Pinterest Description, Images, Titles, etc of your Pins

Step 5 Send your Pins directly to Pinterest or Schedule for later

These were the main steps to show you quickly how the PinGenerator works. In my opinion it’s a great Automation Tool for Pinterest.

Interested to learn more? Then watch the youtube tutorial to make an informed decision whether you’d like to work with this automation tool to help you grow your Pinterest Page or not. Remember that pinning manually is also important, never rely solely on automation!


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