Automated Pinterest Pin Maker – Pin Generator Tutorial

How to Use PinGenerator for Pinterest & Automate Your Pins

Tired of Pinning manually?Even if its advisable to also have a manual pinning strategy, there is a way to automate your process a little!

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Dreaming of an automated Pinterest Pin Maker ?

if you have been wondering if there is another alternative to using tailwind, then watch the tutorial below and learn how to use an automation tool to boost your pinterest business

But why would you want to use an automated System for Pinterest?

Having an automated tool for Pinterest ensures that you don’t get lazy and forget to Pin. Let’s be realistic, Pinterest loves consistency and depends on content creators that create beautiful and useful Pins on a regular basis, that’s where an automation tool comes in handy!

Automated tools allow you to plan and schedule your Pinterest posts in advance, ensuring a consistent and timely presence on the platform without manual intervention.

Yes, this means even if you are on vacation or sick, you will not miss out and your Pins will still be automatically pinning!

What I do is I log into  PinGenerator every monday and have a set time in my calendar that I use to plan my pins and schedule them for the whole week.

BONUS TIP: I do advise you to also pin to the page manually a few times per week because Pinterest wants to see you using their app.

The best pinning strategy would be to have a mix of automation and manual pinning.

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PinGenerator Preview

Let me quickly show you how PinGenerator looks like :


Pin Generator is very intuitive and easy to use!

  1. Simply add an URL of your choice into the upper bar.
  2. Choose the number of pins you want to create.
  3. Click generate pins and then on the right hand side you will see several Pin options.
  4. As you can see on the left hand side, you can now choose Colors and Fonts
  5. Choose templates
  6. Upload your own images or choose a variety of stock images that match your niche and topic
  7. You can also upload videos
  8. The great thing about PinGenerator is that it allows you to create the descriptions and titles with artificial intelligence

But be careful with this feature! It’s artificial intelligence and not human intelligence.

Some times the AI will come up with descriptions and titles that don’t make any sense! One time I added relevant keywords for my Canva Course on Udemy, and some of the titles that the AI gave me didn’t make sense at all. It mentioned “Vegan recipes” haha, how did that happen? 

So this is why I personally don’t use the AI function but you can simply try out all features that PinGenerator provides and see what works best for you!  I am sure this feature will be improved over time and make it much easier to work with the Pinterest automation tool.


Another reason why I love using automation for Pinterest is the following

PinGenerator can analyze the best times for engagement based on your audience’s behavior. You can then automatically post pins when your followers are most active,which increases the likelihood of interaction.

Most pinterest users are based in the US, so when I add Pins to Pinterest manually, I like to choose the time zone that my north american users would be active, but the tool automatically gives me some recommendations. This is how it looks like:

Make sure to always choose “smart shuffling” so that you don’t pin the same URL more than once per day!

So, that’s the end of my sneak preview, make sure to click on the link below to check out the tool yourself.

PinGenerator comes with a free version which means you can play around with the tools yourself to figure out if you like this type of automation or not!

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