60+ free online resources for bloggers and content creators

60+ Free Online Courses Bloggers and Course Creators should know!

If you’re anything like me, you probably also feel like you can never stop learning.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, there are countless educational resources available these days, many of which are even free.

I’ve put together a list of free webinars and online courses that the new course creator, newbie to blogging or aspiring business owner will find very useful!

I came up with a list of 60+ Free Online Resources for Bloggers and Course Creators.

This list does not claim to be complete and will certainly be extended over time.

Should you have good tips for free courses, templates and courses for Bloggers and Course Creators, please write them in the comments or send us a message, so we can collect as many resources as possible, thanks!

Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!Read my boring disclosure(in my privacy policy) for more info. 

60+ Free Online Resources for Bloggers and Course Creators
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1. Free Online Course Platforms to host your Online Course

When you are first getting started with Course Creation, you probably don’t have a big budget to spend for your Online Business.

You might have heard already that it’s a smart move to self-host your course(s) as soon as possible, to have the most control, but at the same time you don’t want to spend a lot of money while you are still growing your student base.

Therefore I made a list for you that sums up which Online Course Platforms enable you to host your course for FREE, so that you can keep your expenses low.

Teachable is the platform that I love recommending because it’s also the platform that I chose for my own courses. They make it easy for you to start with them, because they allow you to use their platform for free for as long as you like. 

The only downside is that you are limited to one course only (but if you have a high end signature course you’ll probably not be affected by this anyway).

You also need to pay   $1+10% transaction fees once you make sales.

Establish your Businesses’ Hub on Teachable this free 15 Minute guide teaches you how to showcase your business and start collecting leads in just five days.

and start collecting leads in just five days.

Podia- Similarly to Teachable, Podia also allows creators to add one course to their page for free, for an unlimited amount of time.

With this creative Platform you’d pay 8% transaction fees for all the sales you make. Podia is extremely popular among bloggers, so make sure to check it out.

How to use webinars to launch your course this free step by step guide teaches you how to set up your first webinar in order to share knowledge, bring in potential students, and grow your audience.

How to Create, Sell and Profit from an Online Course This video guide that Podia provides, is everything you need to know about creating, launching and selling a course this year.

Thinkific- You have probably heard of Thinkific before, which is quite similar to Teachable. They also offer a free option, but it’s more like a test drive, which means they expect you to upgrade to one of their paid plans. 

Here’s the link to check out Thinkific’s free plan (the free plan comes without a transaction fee, which is very attractive for everyone who is just getting started)

DigiMember Plugin- If you want more freedom and want full control over your course(s) I would recommend you to use the free plugin from Digimember.

DigiMember is a very functional, easy to use membership solution, which transforms every WordPress page into a complete member area! Sign up for free here

Digimember is not a payment provider, which means you would need to integrate it with a payment provider of your choice, one option that is well known and trusted worldwide would be Digistore24.

Some creators also host their course on their own wordpress website,  and use free or paid plugins to create their page. If you decide to set up your course on your website, you don’t take the risk that your content is on another server. 

Digistore24- One thing you’ll probably need in this case, is a payment provider. As mentioned above, you could use Digistore24, which is a reseller-based online sales platform for vendors and affiliates.

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2. Free Blogging Courses / How to Blog Courses for Beginners

Learn how to start a profitable Blog from scratch, which will not only allow you to write about things that you are passionate about, but be a massive income stream for you as well. 

Nowadays, there are really so many resources that you can choose from, you really just need to take some time to do your research. 

Free Legal Tips to Protect your Blog- before you even start writing content for your Blog, you want to make sure that your Blog is completely compliant (so that you don’t get in trouble).

Check out this free checklist with 20+ Business and Legal Tips, written by a Lawyer, so that you know exactly what to look out for so that your Blog does not violate the law.

SheMeansBlogging One free course that I would recommend you to start with, is from a very successful blogger that really knows how to drive traffic to her Blog, you can check out Arfa’s Free Course here.

It’s an Email course that includes WordPress details, blog promotion and making money from blogging.

Grow your Blog – For all of you that love free courses where the content is brought to you in the style of Emails, I can also highly recommend Blogging Lessons to accelerate your Blog Growth by 209%.

Here you’ll find 11 bite-sized blogging tips to train your blog to ultimate success.

Start A Money Making Blog Another amazing course I’d like to recommend to anyone who is serious about starting a successful Blog, is created by Ana from TheSheApproach. 

I took Ana’s free Online Course and I really couldn’t believe that I didn’t pay a cent for it because it is jam packed with stuff that beginner bloggers need to know!

The Free Blog EbookSome of you will prefer to read a good book ,and I guess this list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add the following free ebook to this list: This book will be perfect for you if you are still a complete newbie and need to learn the fundamentals of Blogging.

Free Blog Traffic Bonus–  Lena at What Mommy Does teaches you three essential traffic building tips that helped her grow to 400k+ monthly page views! Make sure to have a look now.

3. Free Affiliate Marketing/ How to make Money Blogging Courses

Affiliate Marketing Course by The SheApproach–The first affiliate marketing course that I want to recommend to you is a clear step by step video guide that prepares you to make your very first sale! 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers (not Free) For those of you that already have a successful blog and want to get started with Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend this paid course by Carly Campbell from mommyonpurpose.com that I enrolled in recently and absolutely loved! 

Carly simply never disappoints! If you have tried affiliate marketing but feel like you have not been using a good strategy Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers (NOT free) will help you find out what has been missing!

You can also check out Carlys free resources on How to Start a Blog and Make Money with it.

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4. Free Email Marketing List Building Courses/ Free Workshops to make Sales

Free workshop to build your Sales Funnel this event is hosted by Convertkit and shows you how to connect with your audience and make sales through email!

Three Steps to your first 1000 subscribers!-Building your email list from scratch can be pretty hard at the beginning, I know from experience.

Join Isa Adney in this free online workshop to learn how creators are growing quality email lists full of invested subscribers.

Kate Dosters FREE 3 day training– You can’t start too early with building your Email list.

If you are a complete newbie to email marketing and have no clue what type of Freebies to create to attract your dream avatar, definitely check out Kate’s training. 

Kate’s training is also a great choice if you want to learn how to create high converting freebies.

Email Marketing Made Easy For Beginners- join this free course by  Ron Stefanski that already has more than 1,800 reviews and 42,000 students enrolled to date.

When I am still in learning mode for a specific subject, I love scrolling through Udemy and checking if I can find some free courses that have more than 4,3 star ratings.

Free Email List for Newbies This free Email Course is brought to you by Meera Kothand and teaches you how you can make passive income through your email list.

The Free Email List for Newbies is a really good course to take if you have absolutely no idea how to nourish your subscribers and how to set up a good email marketing strategy.

The Top Three Emails To Write That Will Boost your Sales Join ConvertKits Creator Educator Angel Marie in this free online workshop to learn how to write emails that sell!

This free workshop will really help you understand how to set up your emails in the most effective way!

5. Free SEO/ Search Engine Optimisation Courses

Pinterest SEO Mini Course this course by Leveeroadstudio is absolutely essential if you have no idea how to do keyword research, how to optimize your Pinterest titles and which strategies to use to rank your Pins.

Free Google SEO Course Debbie Gartner, from the Flooring Girl gets over 500,000 pageviews/month on her blog and the majority is SEO traffic.

In her free course she shares valuable information on how you can optimize your website to rank higher on Google.

Free Trial-Adventures in Seo -you can join Lena Gotts free trial of her flagship Google SEO course and get familiar with her concepts. The course teaches simple SEO strategies that will help you boost your website traffic.

Technical Seo for Bloggers who are afraid of Tech this is not a course, but it’s a very useful blog post where I read several things about SEO that I didn’t know about, so please do yourself a favor and check out Madidearson’s Page.

FREE SEO Audit  this free seo audit not only gives you a free score on your website but also includes step-by-step recommendations on how to improve your results.

That’s a pretty good service for free! Karen, the SEO and Google Ads expert also shares her local SEO tips and tricks in this freebie.

6. Free Design & Branding Courses, Stock images and Templates

 Design your own Blog this seven day Course by Kotryna Bass will help you be creative and learn how to design your blog. She teaches you how to design beautiful graphics and make a good first impression when readers find your Blog.

Canva for Beginners take this course to learn how to use the free graphic design tool to create beautiful instagram posts, pinterest pins, facebook posts and ads, mockups for your online business, calendars and so much more.

This free course will teach you how to navigate the platform, already more than 84,000 students are enrolled, click here to join them.

Interested in using Canva to brand your Business? Then join this free class here.

Learn how to use Canva to Teach and create your Online Courses

Free Stock Photos for Health, Wellness, Fitness Brands

Free Stock Photos for Mom and Parent Blogs

Free Stock Photos for Creatives

canva pro

7. Free How to Build an Online Business Course

Online Course Crash Course: Win at Teaching Online Courses- this course is by Phil Ebiner and was probably one of the first courses i enrolled in when I first got started with my own course creation back in 2019. 

If you have never heard of Phil Ebiner, make sure to check him out because he is a top Udemy instructor and a good source of inspiration and really a role model if you want to succeed at course creation as well!

How to Create an Online Course PDF- when you create a course, it is a big plus to add PDFs, worksheets and printables as an addition to your video course or Ebook, because your students will want different media to digest your information.

Therefore you can have a look at Tina Dahmens free Online Course PDF Guide.

How to be a  Successful Course Creator this is actually an amazing free podcast episode. Book Your Dream Client talks to Dr. Destini Copp , a marketing expert who helps business owners scale their digital product revenue with automated sales funnels .

Listen to the episode now and learn the basics of creating an online course or a small digital product. 


For everyone who is focussing more on Coaching, you can check out Lindsey Maloneys’ Freebie Vault:

Free Coaching Package Calculator

Free Workbook -Book Clients Consistently

Free Workbook-How to Create Freebies and Explode Your ListFree WorkbookSix-Figure Coaching Business Toolkit


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8.Free Pinterest Marketing Courses

Pinterest is a visual search engine and can really help you gain massive traffic to your website.

If you don’t know anything about Pinterest yet, it’s about time to do your homework. 

5 Day Pinterest Challenge You could start learning about Pinterest for Business in Momsmakecents free Pinterest Course.

There is no email sign up required, and everything is laid out very structured and easy to follow!

If you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, you will always be in need of fresh pins.

You should try out different pin designs to find out which pins go viral, therefore one tip is to look for free templates on Pinterest.

Pinterest for E-Commerce take this free course by SimpleMedia to learn how to sell your Products easily on Pinterest.

This course is specifically for product sellers and will be brought to you via email.

How to Sell on Pinterest- You can also head over to the Teachable Blog and have a look at their in-depth training where Morgan Timm lays out in detail how you can sell your online course on Pinterest. You can check it out here.

How to Sell on Pinterest- here you will find several courses that teach you how to set up your Pinterest account as a business and how to use the right strategies.

 You can also get  free Pinterest Templates below:

>Free Pinterest Templates here>

>12 Free Pinterest Templates by Talkbitz>

>Full List of Free Templates for Pinterest>

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Online Course by Carly Campbell pinteresting strategies 200 000 page views
Click on the image to find out more!

9. Free Social Media Courses

Wow, I don’t know anything about Twitter, other than that it can really help you to boost your business and help to make your brand visible. 

Personally I don’t use twitter, because I am lazy. I don’t want to be busy on too many social media platforms at the same time. But I do use the beautiful Click to Tweet Boxes that my readers can share on their twitter page.

If you are a fan of twitter however, you can check out Madalyn Skars free course:

The Secret Sauce to Boosting Your Twitter Presence– this is a free training for beginners and intermediate, where you will learn the secret sauce, to boost your twitter presence and so much more!

Twitter for Business- This course is a recommendation for everyone who wants to use Twitter for Business. Eric Schwarztmann has more than 7 hours of content, 26,731 enrolled students and an amazing 4,5 star rating, so make sure to check out his course!

Buzzing Creatives in this Free Instagram Course, you will be provided with actionable strategies that can help you grow your Instagram Account.

Did you know that Facebook has their own Courses that teach you how to WIN on their platform?

Facebook Blueprint is a massive free source that you can use to grow your knowledge and make sure you are using Facebook at its full potential!

Design Facebook Ads images and videos like a PRO enroll in Rihabs free Udemy course and learn  how to design attractive images for your facebook ads for FREE.

Rihab is an eCommerce coach and consultant and this course has a 4 star rating on Udemy, so definitely worth checking out.

10. Free WordPress Plugins to optimize your Page

SocialWareFare > Create Sharing Buttons to make it easy for your readers to share your content on Social media and Pinterest!

Free Elementor Page Builder to make your creation process so much easier. This drag and drop editor is much easier to use than the built in WordPress Editor,

Pretty Links will help you to make all your Links look pretty and organize your affiliate links.

The Pretty Links plugin takes long affiliate links which look a bit like spam and makes them look like legitimate links.

GDPR Cookie Compliance wherever you are in the world, prepare your website for cookie compliance related to GDPR & CCPA and also  EU cookie law. This plugin is simple to use and available for free.

Shortcoder- create short codes for anything:content like contact forms, image galleries, sliders, and more.

If you look at some of my blog posts, you’ll see that I have an affiliate box and also a click to tweet box, I created them with shortcoder.

WP Optimize this free plugin keeps your blog running quickly and efficiently and cleans up every little thing that takes up space on your page.

404 Page Plugin–  This plugin is a game changer. You probably don’t realize how often you have broken links on your own blog. This shouldn’t happen and it’s best to regularly check your links.

Nonetheless, its crucial to have some sort of free plugin that helps you to automatically redirect traffic to your homepage instead of an “Oops! Page not found.”

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60+ free online courses and resources for bloggers and course creators
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