unleash your creative self and be authentically you!

Are you feeling...

  • burnt out
  • stressed
  • distracted
  • disconnected from the present moment???

I help conscious individuals...

  • to become more kind and compassionate towards themselves
  • to learn how to be more self aware and put themselves first
  • to reconnect with their inner child and learn how to be their true authentic self through a creative process and the healing powers of ART so that you learn how to understand yourself better and put yourself first.

free downloadable meditation audios by zebra soul art


Please bookmark this page. You are always welcome to come back to this page and to listen to the free meditation audios, that are meant to help you relax and unwind!

Welcome to my Page!

My name is Anike and I am an Art Therapist and Creative Entrepreneur. My mission is to help conscious individuals express themselves through ART and learn to find their true and authentic self and practice self love. I have created several Online Courses to help you on your journey, you can scroll through my page to see which course matches your needs.

But for now, enjoy the FREE meditation audios below. And if you are an ART lover you can check out my free art templates here.

Peaceful Meditation Audio (Instrumental)

Lotus Meditation Audio (Instrumental)

Check out my Creative Online Courses !

This is a cover of a creative online course called Expressive Art Course through Art-Your Journey to more Self Love. You see a woman/instuctor smiling, next to her you see images of a head, a paint brush and a lotus

Express yourself through Art- Journey to Self Love Online Course

Coming soon…

mindfulness based art course cover picture with a visible mandala and a woman smiling into the camera

Mindfulness Based Art Course- the mindful Mandala Drawing Course

Coming soon…

art therapy online course cover showing some paintings, paint brushes and an online course instructor smiling into the camera

Art Therapy Online Course with 30 Art Therapy Exercises

Coming soon…

cover for asana project management online course

Asana Project Management Online Course

Coming soon…

online course with 150 customisable templates in canva

The complete Instagram Templates Bundle Course with 150+ Templates 

Coming soon…

cover for pinterest online course creative entrepreneurs

The Pinterest Online Course for Creative Entrepreneurs

Coming soon…

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