Individual Online Art Therapy Sessions for Adults

Welcome to my Page! My online Art Therapy Coaching sessions are suitable where in-person consultation is not preferred or possible. I am looking forward to guide you during your healing journey….

Hi! i'm Anike kehinde

your Art therapist (Bachelor), Life coach and artist

I know you're often...

  • overwhelmed and stressed
  • feeling frustrated by your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns
  • struggling to set boundaries
  •  incapable of prioritising yourself and your own needs
  • incapable of loving yourself

I help you...

  • access your emotions and learn to express yourself and become more visible
  • make meaning out of life circumstances and experiences
  • become grounded in your strength and beauty
  • step into your power and set boundaries
  • find clarity
  • focus on mindfulness and “being”
  • increase self-compassion and self-acceptance
  • with stress reduction through diving into healing processes
  • leave self doubt and limiting beliefs behind

Let's dive into the healing powers of Art and learn to cultivate Self Love

During our online art therapy and wellness coaching sessions, I accompany you in your topics and guide you through your  creative and healing processes. 

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilises the expressive and creative arts as a form of communication and expression. It can help you access and express feelings  and thoughts (non verbally) that you normally couldn’t access in a conventional way.

No previous art experience needed. Skills and artistic talent are not important in art therapy- the focus lies on the internal process-rather than the end result.

In our 1 on 1 coaching sessions , the healing powers of art will also help you to be more mindful: of your thoughts, your emotions, your surroundings, your needs, basically everything. Mindfulness encompasses being fully present, non-judgmental, and aware of what is going on around us.

Benefits of Online Art Therapy

~ Virtual therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy.
~ It can be easier to connect and open up in the safety of your own home.
~ It can be the first step to get to know Art Therapy and Life Coaching for those who are hesitant to go to in-person therapy for the first time.

~ ATTENTION: Online therapy is NOT suitable for anyone who is in acute crisis, or experiencing severe mental health challenges. For this, you’d need in person-support.

mockup coaching package


By purchasing this service, you commit to a single coaching session to kick start your creative couching journey. Price: 150€/75minutes

Dive into a 75 minute, individual online session in a safe non-judgemental space. This service is perfect for you to start your journey and to get to know art therapy first. Experience your first sense of achievement in one single session! After this you’ll most definitely be craving for more! For best results it is advisable to hold space for several online sessions so that you give yourself enough time for the growth and transformation that you desire!


Commitment: intensive coaching, four sessions over 1 month. Package costs 500€ for 4 classes (125€/75minutes). There is a payment plan available as well.

This package (with 4 individual sessions/1 month), allows you to dive deep into a healing journey and explore your strengths and weaknesses. You will have the appropriate time you need to explore and develop healthy forms of expression and communication.

mockup coaching package

Deep Dive into your True authentic self (Intensive Package)

Commitment: this package consists of 6 coaching sessions and is the suggested minimum to benefit fully from the therapeutic process of your journey! You get 6 classes for 600€ (each individual 75 minute class is reduced to 100€). You can pre-purchase the full package or pay in two instalments (payment plan of 320€ each/640 in total)

Purchasing a package is an investment in yourself and a commitment to doing the work of therapy. And as you can see by comparing the services, this package offers the best savings. 

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How it works

Book a call

Before you book a service that suits your needs the best, please book a short 20 min. Clarity call with me. That’s the best way to get to know each other and discuss your goals!

There we will discuss the next steps, I am excited to help you get started =)

Set up and requirements

You will need access to a laptop or desktop computer with audio/video capabilities (such as microphone, webcam, and speakers) and a strong internet connection.

You will need a basic supply of art material, but we will discuss this, because the material selection will be based on each individual needs.

Please make sure you have access to a quiet work environment, where you are not distracted and can fully focus on our coaching session.


I am looking forward to guide you during your healing journey where you get to dive into expressing your true authentic self and finally showing up for yourself! You will set the goals for your art therapy journey, therefore the results will be different from individual to individual. 

Generally speaking, the aim of each session with me is to help you cultivate more self love and to be more mindful. As adults our lives are fast paced and very much goal orientated. Most of us are constantly in “doing mode”. Art Therapy allows us to play, to explore, to be present, to express, to feel and to


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