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Do you want to experience lasting well being and complete financial abundance?

Learn how I make a living online while promoting health and sustainability!

Welcome to my page

Hi, my Name is Anike and I’m a self employed digital nomad since 2016. I love to travel the world, learn about new cultures and languagues and I truly believe in the healing powers of ART and that FOOD IS MEDICINE.

Get in touch with me and I  will share with you how I went from working the 9-5 and being stuck in the hamster wheel to being my own boss, while promoting health, wellness, environmental sustainability and financial freedom.

Each month I get to help a limited amount of action takers and guide them 1:1 in starting their own social media business.

I can’t wait to work with YOU, alongside the Breakaway Movement- a Community of more than 4000+ conscious individuals.


Want to know how to become a distributor for a health promoting product and how to set up your unique business?

Some months ago I was looking for ways to build my own online business and had no clue where to get started or which steps to take to become a full time digital nomad. One day I came accross a webclass that I am sharing with you below, which brought me so much clarity and allowed me to connect with like minded and conscious people from all over the world. Watch our compensation plan video to learn more about this business opportunity.

meet some of my awesome business partners

amelia whelan saltsandandsmoothies breakaway movement


vegan, loves animals. Living her dream life in Bali, multiple 6 figure earner


Canadian living in Bali. Top Leader and top earner in our community

marissa patnode breakaway movement


 full of positive and uplifting vibes, vegan, living her dream life in Hawaii

the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world -ALEXANDRA- she brought me into this business & is passionate about traveling, healthy food and mindset
the freedom to define your goals breakaway movement
the breakaway movement training platform for entrepreneurs
breakaway movement work from anywhere in the world-zebra soul art work with me

Watch ouR compensation plan video to learn how we make money online

enagic commission chart trifecta united states
free webclass about how to make money online- zebra soul art