Know your Why

Know your why


I am so happy to have found this great opportunity and community that is thriving and full of positive energy and vibes. Therefore, it brings me great joy to share my knowledge with you.

The Know your Why Community that I am a part of has organized trainings in a very specific order that allow you to absorb the knowledge with ease and at your own pace.

Everyone in the community can make a distribution and share his skills and knowledge, therefore you will see different faces in the videos =)

We all set up our individual businesses but we grow as a team , because we all share and learn from each other.

The focus we have is getting crystal clear on your WHY.

Why are you interested in joining? What energy drives and motivates you in your daily life?

We say “when you are clear on your why, you become clear on your passions”.

I have found my passion project and I am deeply happy that social media allows me to connect to like minded people and share the opportunity with others.

Our training is $22 for a years membership which gives you:

  1. one on one mentorship
  2. access to our 19 part training course (on the KYW Facebook group)
  3. monthly live team calls
  4. 30 minute coaching call with myself

Let me know if you have a question,

Hoping to see you on the inside

Greetings, Anike



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