Giveaway- Win a K8!


Wow, I am super excited and can’t wait for this amazing giveaway to start!

I am super curious to see who is going to win this!

Our K8 Giveaway is BACK!

We are giving away one Kangen Water Machine worth $ 5000. I am extremely proud to share this news with you because the k8 is a medical grade device and has amazing health benefits that can bring so much freedom and wealth to you!

Take the first step and sign up to watch a short webclass here.

This short Webclass is a great Introduction to Kangen Ionized Water, our Community of aspired Entrepreneurs and it shares a business opportunity with you.

Once you have signed up, I will receive an email notification and reach out to you with further details on how you can be part of the k8 Giveaway.

The Giveaway starts on August 1st and enrolment runs until August 15th. The winner of the K8 will be announced on August 18th.

So make sure to sign up ASAP.


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you need more information? SEND ME A DM ON INSTAGRAM @zebrasoulart. 

I am happy to share my story with you on how the water has impacted my life and share with you how I am able to run my business with an automated system.

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