The exact steps to take to GET STARTED

Step 1

To get an idea of what I do and how this can be of interest to you, sign up to watch my communities free Web class, which will give you all of the information you need to learn and understand what we do in detail.



Step 2

If the information shared in the webclass resonated with you and excited you, the next step that will move you closer towards working 1:1 with me , alongside our epic global community is paying $ 33 to gain access to our training platform.

This will automatically grant you exclusive access to a 45 minute 1:1 Mentorship call with me.

Please note that you can always cancel your membership, should you not resonate with the content that we offer or if the timing is not right.

Step 3

As a paying Member of the Breakaway Movement, you gain full access to

 our exclusive Training Platform and private Facebook Community (with more than 4000 members)

 Weekly Mastermind Calls with top leaders and guest speakers of the industry
Access to a growing list of online trainings – Pinterest, Facebook ads, Law of Attraction, Money Mindset, and more
 and most importantly, you get to feel if you vibe with our core values and if you can see yourself becoming a Kangen Water Distributor.
During this time with us you can choose if you want to affiliate with Enagic and become an independent distributor who runs their own online business, selling and sharing Kangen Water machines and helping other conscious individuals like you, ditch their unfulfilling 9-5 to start a purposeful, profitable online business.
But I will be there to guide you and discuss the necessary steps with you.

Step 4

WELCOME, you are now a member of our community YEAH!

Make your way through the training videos and schedule a coaching call with one of our advisors.

Be on the look out for a welcome email by me.

You now also have the chance to book a call with me, these calls are really fun because we get to know each other and we get to figure out what the next action steps are towards a life of freedom and ultimate abundance!