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Breakaway Movement is an online training platform and community of high-vibe entrepreneurs sharing the message of health, sustainability & abundance &  in all aspects.

If you feel called to be an Entrepreneur and believe that Online Marketing is the future, you can benefit from our online training videos, weekly live masterminds, mentorship and accountability program and much more. Needless to say, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful offline.

The Breakaway Movement is a private online training platform designed and created by entrepreneurs for elevated individuals who are interested in learning how to run their own successful online business.

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 We work together with a privately owned japanese company called Enagic, which was founded in 1974 and is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association.

The Direct Selling Association is the national trade association for companies that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers.

If you feel that you resonate with the information that you receive in the Breakaway Movement and feel called to affiliate with Enagic, you can choose to become an independent Kangen Water Distributor, which means you receive life long distributor rights- and can distribute worldwide.

Being part of the Breakaway Movement and looking into the training does not mean that you automatically have to become affiliated with Enagic. And vice versa, being interested in working with Enagic and wanting to become an independent Distributor doesn’t mean you need to be part of the Breakaway Movement.

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Why do we distribute kangen water® machines? And what is Kangen Water® good for?

Kangen Water® machines are the only water ionizers in the world that are certified Medical Grade Device Water Ionizers. Enagic is the only water filtration and alkaline-ionizer distribution company in the world with its own OEM manufacturing facility in Japan and ISO certified quality control processes.

All employees must master high-level technological knowledge and proficiency throughout the entire process, including development, production, supply, and service.

We from  the Breakaway Movement, are promoting a product that we truly love and use daily. The Kangen Water® Machine does not only filter your tap water, but it also produces ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis.  Read about the Benefits of Drinking Kangen water and the multiple uses of Kangen Water in your home here.

the breakaway movement kangen water leveluk 8Unlike the majority of companies that spend a lot of money on advertising ( think of TV commercials, Billboards, Influencer Marketing or Adverts that you see when you are at a soccer or basket ball match etc), Enagic has a different approach because they pay their distributors directly. 

Enagic’s unique compensation plan makes it very attractive for you to become a distributor. There are numerous ways how you can make an income, check out my post where I describe the Compensation Plan in depth.

Learn more about all the Enagic Products  and the Health Benefits in detail here.

You might be thinking now -This all sounds great but is breakaway movement legit?

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When people hear about the Breakaway Movement or the unique business model from Enagic, they suddenly see a pyramid symbol pop up in front of their eyes 🌞I don’t quite remember what my first thoughts were when I heard about this opportunity for the first time, but the word “Scam” was definitely something that crossed my mind.

Everything that involves money, makes us sceptical. And it is good to question things and to do our research before we invest our time and money into something.

Especially when we hear of a business model that promises making a lot of money (and residual income),we think it is too good to be true.

So let’s see. What’s the definition of a pyramid scheme? According to the Cambridge dictionary, a pyramid scheme is “a way of deceiving investors (= people giving money to a company hoping to get more back) in which money that a company receives from new customers is not invested to their advantage, but is used instead to pay debts owed to existing customers “

Simply put, it is an illegitimate and illegal business model where someone buys in under someone else with no product or service attached.

So rest assured, Enagic (which has been around for over four decades) is not a pyramid scheme. If they were a scam, don’t you think they would have been shot down like 40 years ago? Above all, Kangen water® has been used in Japanese hospitals for almost 40 years.

Enagic is a Direct Sales Company and has an A+ rating with the BBB and are members of the direct sales association. You can check the third party certificates  of Enagic here. 

The Breakaway Movement is a “business training platform that offers you in depth online trainings, live master mind calls, mentorship, and access to a high vibing community! The online trainings are  easy to understand and created to help you gain real results to build a high profit – high impact business!

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The Breakaway Movement offers support and guidance and we share with you how we promote eco friendly, healthy products, while making High Ticket income.

You can make a complete risk-free micro commitment and sign up for only 33$ to look into the trainings, the community vibe and if you resonate with the business or not.
Should you not feel called to becoming a Kangen Water® Distributor in the near future, you can simply cancel your subscription with The Breakaway Movement and won’t be charged for the upcoming month.

what is your actual job once you work with enagic?

I am an independent Kangen Water distributor and Business Mentor.

distributor has the right to sell worldwide and not just to people that are from the same country.

I believe in healthy living and that “Food is Medicine”, furthermore I truly believe that disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment (it thrives in an acidic body), and therefor I am truly grateful that I now have access to the healing benefits of Kangen Water. Therefore it comes naturally to me, to share this Health and Business Opportunity with others. When I heard about the Breakaway Movement and the automated system, it was a no brainer for me to check it out.

Interested in learning more about the breakaway movement?

So you are interested in Health, Environmental Sustainability,  Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing and would really like to connect with like minded individuals from all over the world?

We are currently 3,900 high vibing, health-and eco friendly individuals that are co creating together.

Okay, you have read my blog post to the end and you want to know if this is for you ,right?

Let me give you a short summary to help you decide if being part of the Breakaway Community and gaining access to the Online Platform is right for you.

I would say this might be a perfect match if you have always dreamed of:

  • choosing your own hours
  • learning how to make money online and earning an abundant income
  • being able to travel the world, whenever you want, without limitations


  • Not having a clue where to start
  • Failing to get clear on what niche to focus on and what product to sell
  • Being crippled by your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Getting real, tangible results

breakaway movement maui retreatYou’re not alone! You have the chance to co-create with like minded people and get the complete framework how to build your own profitable online business from scratch!

Before I heard about the Breakaway Movement, I knew that I wanted to grow my online business and have my brand be centred around health and environmental sustainability, but I didn’t have any clear steps on how to get started. Today, I am so grateful that i jumped on this opportunity when I found it.

If you have no idea how to finance your business and get started, please reach out to us!

There are credit cards and loan systems that you can use to start the business.

Enagic also offers payment plans for their machines to make them accessible to everyone. There are lots of different options to get started and we will share possible alternatives with you! 

If you are curious to learn more, you can reach out to me on Instagram or check out our FREE WEBCLASS to gain more information about The Breakaway Movement and Kangen Water®.

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the breakaway movement maui retreat


Breakaway Movement ist eine Online-Trainingsplattform und Gemeinschaft von  inspirierenden und motivierten Unternehmern, die die Botschaft von Gesundheit, Nachhaltigkeit & Law of Attraction teilen und dir dabei helfen dein eigenes Business zu gründen.

Wenn du dich berufen fühlst, ein/e Unternehmer/in zu sein, und glaubst, dass Online-Marketing die Zukunft ist, kannst du von unseren Online- Trainingssvideos, wöchentlichen Live-Masterminds, einem Mentorenprogramm und vielem mehr profitieren.

Natürlich bedeutet dies nicht, dass du offline nicht erfolgreich sein wirst. Die Trainingsplatform ist jedoch so konzipiert, dass die Trainings sich vor allem auf soziale Medien bezieht. Bei unseren virtuellen Teamcalls teilen erfahrene Entrepreneure und Influencer ihre Erfahrungen mit-häufig werden auch Gastredner und Coaches eingeladen.

Die Breakaway Movement ist eine private Online-Trainingsplattform, die für Unternehmer konzipiert und geschaffen wurde, die daran interessiert sind zu lernen, wie sie ihr eigenes erfolgreiches Online-Geschäft führen können.

Wir arbeiten zusammen mit einem japanischen Unternehmen namens Enagic , welches 1974 gegründet wurde und stolzes Mitglied der Direct Selling Association ist.

Die Direct Selling Association ist der nationale Handelsverband für Unternehmen, die Waren und Dienstleistungen direkt für den Verbraucher herstellen und vertreiben.

Die Kangen Ionisatoren sind die einzigen Ionisatoren, die eine Zertifizierung des Ministeriums für Gesundheit in Japan erhalten haben. Darüberhinaus wurde Kangen Wasser als normatives Wasser in über 200 Krankenhäusern in Japan verwendet.

Wenn du Interesse daran hast, dich der Breakaway Movement anzuschließen und in die Selbstständigkeit zu starten, kannst du dich dafür entscheiden, ein unabhängiger Kangen Wasservertriebshändler zu werden, was bedeutet, dass du lebenslange Vertriebsrechte erhältst – und die Produkte weltweit vertreiben kannst.

Bist du bereit für eine Veränderung?

Wünscht du dir mehr Zeit für deine Familie, für deine Freunde und möchtest selbst bestimmen WANN und WO du arbeitest?

Wenn du mehr über Breakaway Movement erfahren möchtest, kannst du mir gerne bei Instagram schreiben oder dir unsere kurze Webclass ansehen. Mehr über Kangenwasser erfährst du hier.

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