My Mission

My mission is to help you be more creative

and provide you with the best art therapy tools to gain more self awareness

Hi, my name is Anike and I’m a professional Art Therapist since 2010. I believe in the healing powers of Art Therapy. With my SoulART Online Courses I help you let go of your inner critic. You can learn  how to use art as a therapeutic tool to express your thoughts and feelings. You can scroll through my page or visit my social media sites to see how I use ART for self expression and self exploration.

personal development and self healing through art therapy

Professional Background

Are you interested to learn more about my professional background? The dutch art therapy and study system looked promising to me, therefore I decided to learn Dutch as a third language and move to the Netherlands. Four years later, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy. This was at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen.

After that I gained my first work experience in psychiatric hospitals. In individual and group art therapy sessions,  I guided children, adolescents and adults to express their feelings and thoughts through Art.

Later I expanded my field and worked for an orphanage in the Caribbean. There I implemented art therapy , clay and mosaic workshops at a school. 

The benefits of the group projects with clay and mosaic were that the children could work as a team. They focussed on one project for a longer period and learned that change is a process and takes time. At the end the children had a final visual result, which was helpful to grow their self esteem.  Eventually, the visible end results we created with clay and mosaic served as evidence for what the children and teenagers had been working on for weeks or months.

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