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learn how to create a strong disinfectant at home diy


Let's talk about Hypocholorous acid

hands natural disinfectant strong acidic waterWhen salt water is electrolysed, it produces a solution that is >99.3% water, chloride salt and Hypocholorous acid (HOCL)

HOCL is a chemical that is produced by our body’s white blood cells to fight bacteria and inflammation after an infection or injury. HOCL has the power to eliminate dangerous organisms and yet not cause our bodies any harm.

HOCL is the only agent that is non toxic to heal our wounds and also lethal to all known bacteria and viruses that threaten our health.

How can I make Hypocholorous Acid at home?

The various Kangen Water Ionizers do not only produce Antioxidant Rich Alkalized drinking Water , they also have the ability to produce the Strong Acidic 2.5 ph Water and the Strong Alkaline 11.5ph Water

The Strong Acid 2,5 pH Water also known as Hypochlorous Acid Water kills 99.99% of all known Bacteria and Viruses within 30secs. 

It’s a good idea to create this natural, homemade disinfectant, if you are looking for a powerful ,yet natural sanitizer that doesn’t have any  serious harmful side effects like other chemical cleaners (Bleach).

I am grateful that I invested in my Kangen Machine because I now it will be of use for the next 25-30yrs .  Continue reading to find our other ways that you can use the 2,5 ph kangen water in your household:

  • Removes stains from your clothes without removing color Clean and disinfect children toys and any other thing that you would normally disinfect in your house.
  • Use the strong acidic water to remove microbial bacteria on fruit and meats (it will help eliminate the possibility of e-coli or other diseases caused by bacteria in food)

    This water has been tested at universities in the United States and Japan, and it has been noted that it eliminates:

-MRSA (Staphylococcus resistant antibiotic)
-Many other bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Do you want  to learn more about the Kangen 8, Enagic’s most powerful antioxidant machine? Then click here.

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green background with text saying 2,5 ph strong acidic water, a natural disinfectant used in japanese hospitals

2,5 HAND SANITIZER home made diy

baby hands holding hand of parent, text saying strong acidic water 2,5 ph, disinfectant that you can make at home
How to create your homemade, all natural sanitizer and disinfectant at home


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